Owners Club FAQ

Many of your Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. If you need additional assistance, please contact your Owner Services team.


Q: What are the Owners Club benefits to me?

A: You’ll be able to give the gift of your 5% charter discount to anyone you choose. Plus, each time your referral guest completes a trip, as long as he or she is a new EJM client, you will receive 1% cash back on your invoice.

Q: How do you define a new EJM client?

A: A new EJM charter client is someone who has not flown with EJM any time in the past 12 months.

Q: How do I enroll in the program?

A:  There is no enrollment! As a valued EJM client, you’re automatically a member of the program. To put this program to work, all you need to do is give out the Owners Club affiliate cards to anyone you wish, and we take care of all the details for you.

Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions about this program?

A: Your Owner Services team is ready to answer all your questions. Simply call 888-264-8887.


Q: How is the 1% cash back calculated?

A: Your cash back equals 1% of EJM’s total gross charter revenue from your referral guest’s trip. 

Q: How do I make sure I receive credit for my referral?

A: Your referral guest simply needs to be sure to use the affiliate number printed on the front of their affiliate card when booking the trip. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes accounting and tracking.

Q: When will I receive the 1% cash back?

A: You will see the 1% cash back reflected on the next invoice after your referral guest completes his or her charter trip.

Q: If I personally book a charter flight with EJM, will I still receive the 1% cash back?

A: Yes! We appreciate your patronage to EJM and will gladly reward your loyalty with the 1% cash back upon the completion of your charter trip.

Q: Will I receive my 1% cash back if my referral guest is an existing EJM client?

A: Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the 1% cash back on your invoice for existing EJM clients.

Q: Does my 1% cash back from a charter referral expire?

A: The cash back period lasts 12 consecutive months per referral, starting with your referral guest’s first completed trip. Every time your referral guest flies charter with EJM within those 12 months, you will receive 1% cash back. 

Q: Will my aircraft be the one quoted to my referral guest?

A: Whenever possible, and as long as your aircraft meets your referral guest’s specific needs, we will quote his or her trip on your jet.

Q: Will I still receive the 1% cash back if my referral guest has to cancel his or her trip?

A: Only completed charter trips are eligible for credit.


Q: Who can I give an Owners Club affiliate card to?

A: Anyone you choose – friends, colleagues, family, neighbors! It’s your choice! Simply provide your referral guest with an Owners Club affiliate card and all the information he or she needs to get started is printed on the card.

Q: Can I receive more affiliate cards?

A: Absolutely! There’s no limit to how many cards you can give away. Just let your Owner Services team know that you’d like additional cards and we’ll send you as many as you request.

Q: What phone number should my referral guests use to book their charter flight?

A: 800-944-0230. This Owners Club affiliate card holder phone number, located on the back of each affiliate card, exists exclusively to help your referral guests receive exceptional customer service. 

Q: How long can my referral guests receive the 5% discount on their charter flights?

A: They will continue to receive the discount on each of their charter flights with us within a 12 month period starting with their first completed trip.

Q: Will my referral guests receive my 5% charter discount even if they are an existing EJM client?

A: Yes! Even if your referral guest is considered an existing client and has flown with us sometime in the past 12 months, we will gladly extend to them your 5% discount on their charter trip. (Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the 1% cash back on your invoice for existing EJM clients.)

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